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Credit: Python

A-These are different implementations of Python. Cpython is implemented in C,Jython in Java,IronPython in C#,pypy in RPython.

What What What!!!!

A-OK fine….

First of all, a “Language” is not what you think it is.

When you go to official website , to download a “version” of python(2.x or 3.x),what …

A quick look

What do you get when you download “Python” from the official website?

NOTE:I do not want you to bookmark this page/save for future just because “It was too long and technical”,that is why,i will not go too deep into the subject matter.(graze would suffice)

Go to and download the…


1.Both versions belong to High-level programming language category.

2.Both are a multi paradigm Object-oriented programming and Procedure-oriented programming[Functional programming can also be observed .see map() ].

3.Both are interpreted.

4.Execution is slow comparing to compiler based languages.

5.Both versions are a free and open source[maintained by PSF].

6.Python shell provides…


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